Second Generation Fermentation Products

Mascoma is developing a suite of products for the fermentation of sugars derived from non-food biomass.

These products bring together a variety of innovations that improve production economics while delivering value through:

  • High yield fermentation of xylose and arabinose
  • Increasing ethanol yields by minimizing byproducts like glycerol
  • Converting normally unfermentable components like acetic acid to ethanol
  • Reducing (or eliminating) process enzyme requirements
  • Producing higher alcohol products such as isopropyl alcohol
  • Utilizing a robust diploid industrial host strains specifically adapted to the harsh conditions of cellulosic ethanol production
  • Mascoma strains have been verified on a variety of substrates and have been proven to significantly improve the economics on a variety of feedstocks, which have been utilized by many of the leaders in the emerging biorefining industry.

To learn how these products can be used in your application, please contact us