Mascoma’s Values

Mascoma values excellence in our technology, products, projects and staff.

We define excellence as quality execution accomplished with integrity and leading to the achievement of successful outcomes – known as the “Mascoma way.”  We recognize that having integrity means performing tasks with honesty, spirit and perseverance, and within the guidelines of the following shared set of values:

1)  Balanced Commitment

Mascoma encourages a relationship of mutual respect, loyalty and dependability among staff members and the corporation, by focusing on the health, safety, wellness and contributions of all.  The Mascoma team values a balance between professional and personal commitments.

2)  Collaboration

Mascoma and its employees recognize that success requires working closely with our co-workers, partners, customers and communities to achieve common goals.  To do this, we strive to maintain forthright communication and professional camaraderie.

3)  Innovation

Mascoma anticipates and quickly responds to the needs of our industry and society through our culture of innovation.  As a technology leader, we recognize that novel advancements best occur by fostering creative freedom, while continually adapting, remaining persistent and courageously driving change.

4)  Accountability

Mascoma is always aware and concerned about how our actions as individuals and as a company impact our shareholders, co-workers, partners, customers and communities.  Additionally, we strive to fully align our individual and company actions, our business strategies with our environmental and corporate values.