About Us

Mascoma is a leader in research and development of new industrial biotechnology products. Along with our affiliates in the Lallemand group we are leading the way in developing microbial products and applications that enable the efficient and sustainable production of fuels, feed, and food.

Our products create competitive advantage for our customers by improving yields and lowering variable costs in their manufacturing operations. For example our TransFerm and TransFerm Yield+ bioengineered yeast products are widely used in the fuel ethanol industry to improve ethanol production from grain.

Innovation at Mascoma

We continue to use our science-driven approach to develop new products across a wide variety of applications including the conversion of sugar cane and biomass to fuels, as well as specialty products for food, beverage, and animal feed.

We envision a world in which renewable energy, sustainable food supply, and a healthy environment are achieved by combining cutting edge innovation with the efficient use of sustainable resources. The possibilities we can create are limitless!