Environmental Impact

Global Sustainability 

Mascoma Products are Already Lowering America’s Carbon Footprint

Smoke StacksThe Era of Fossil Fuels

Over the past few hundred years, the world has come to rely on fossil fuels.  Oil, coal and natural gas have become strategic raw materials in the production of a vast array of products including plastics, fertilizer and energy.  Humans are consuming millions of years of accumulated fossil fuels extracted from increasingly remote locations.  Fossil fuels take so long to form that they are essentially non-renewable and their use at current levels is not sustainable.  The era of human reliance on fossil fuels will eventually draw to a close.

Global Climate Change

Few scientists doubt that the Earth is undergoing climate change and that the release of greenhouse gasses is at least one of the contributing factors.  Replacing fossil fuels with sustainable sources of energy and raw materials is an ongoing worldwide initiative.  Moving from fossil fuels to biofuels has been shown to lower the emission levels of greenhouse gasses.

Mascoma is already playing an important role in the primary biofuel industry; our TransFerm products have lowered the carbon footprint of the United States by increasing ethanol yield and simultaneously reducing the amount of industrial enzymes used in the production process.

Meeting the Challenge

The world has ever increasing expectations to raise living standards and to meet these growth projections and the resulting environmental impacts, we will need innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies.  Confronting the world’s energy and environmental challenges will take many years and the combined efforts of people in every corner of the planet.  Mascoma’s biofuel products and research on advanced bio-engineered materials are already making a difference and poised to play an import role in addressing our global challenges.